VOL. 43 [190]

march 2023

Publishing: «Runivers»

ISSN 2306-4978

Pages: 276


The current issue of the Historical Reporter is dedicated to different aspects of the Russian History of the beginning of 20th century. Historiography of that period was greatly impacted by Pavel Vasil’yevich Volobuev (1923–1997) and Josiph Frolovich Gindin (1900–1980) who worked closely together. Prominent historians, exceptional polymaths and extremely talented scholars. They are alive in the memory of grateful colleagues.
Russian Public Thought at the beginning of the 20th century is a widely discussed issue. An article by Viktor I. Goltsov highlights the reasons for a large number of theories devoted to the arrangement of Russia, shows the main methods outlined in them for improving life in the country. The article by Salavat M. Iskhakov gives a quick review of the Council for the History of Social Movements, Reforms and Revolutions which was established at the end of 1950s. The Council under different titles has been operating within RAS for more then 60 years, ten of which were supervised by Pavel V. Volobuev.
In the «Sources» section the documents are published found by Vladimir V. Polikarpov which reveal the policy led by the Russian Empire Ministry of the Navy in 1912–1917. In the same section the final part of the documents is presented prepared by Genadiy V. Mordvintsev, which offer us an opportunity to closely investigate the situation in South Ural — a region between Asia and Europe and Soviet government politics in a multi-religious and multi-national area during the extremes of 1920.
The IN MEMORIAM section is dedicated to the memory of Iosif F. Gindin.

Alexey E. Titkov, Editor-in-Chief of the Historical Reporter


Dedicated to 100-years anniversary of an academician Pavel V. Volobuev


Viktor I. Goltsov. To the question about features of Russian Public Thought and the place of the collection «Vekhi» in its history


Salavat M. Iskhakov. The history of the revolutionary Northern Euroasia: anthropology of science life and global cooperation (1957—2019)


Vladimir V. Polikarpov. Russian engineering for the submarine fleet: production of diesel engines in the context of the World War One 
Gennady V. Mordvintsev. Emergency Government in the Southern Urals — Records of the Ufa Provincial Revolutionary Committee, 1920 

Iosif F. Gindin. A history of «The Committee for distribution of railway orders for rolling-stock, rails and fastenings»